The Rooms

The rooms at The University Club house the events that engage us, keep us amused and quite probably sustain us from year to year. We use them for our meetings, our pleasure, our laughter, but always, so very clear are the footprints of tradition in these rooms.

The Lounge

Originally called the Pipe and Bowl Room, this room became the Ladies Lounge in 1929 and is now simply called the Lounge. With its stained glass windows and a connected bar area, the Lounge is often used for meetings and mid-sized gatherings.

The Presidents Room

This graceful, Colonial-style room is ideal for private breakfasts, lunch or dinner meetings, intimate receptions or cocktail parties.

The Main Dining Room

In the olden days, this "garden level" room was called the Ladies' Dining Room. This anachronistic appellation was appropriately dropped for the more accurate one we now use. The room was remodeled in 1998, and only a few hopelessly nostalgic members prefer the old over the new room, where beautiful paintings and accoutrements make this an excellent dining experience for the eye as well as the palate.

The College Room

In 1923, Denver's noted architect Temple Buell designed this marvelous room, once referred to by a Denver Post society editor as the "Great Baronial Hall."

At the Annual Meeting, when the air is filled with songs and seaweed, and you're anguishing over the slow passage of the steamed clams to your end of the table, look up for a moment at the collegiate seals in the great windows that line the room. They have presided over the wisdom and wit of the membership for nearly 100 years. The pedigree of the Club is in those stained glass windows.

The Reading Room

Large and well lit, surrounded by Victorian leaded glass windows, and turn-of-the-century oils, the Reading Room has always provided a comfortable place to read a paper, have a quiet chat, or linger in wait for a lunch companion. Here the dark woodwork and the lush chairs envelop you with the history of a fine city club.

The Member's Bar

A proper bar is meant to be stood at, not sat in front of. Talk comes easier when your words spring from a posture you invent as you sip, aided by one of civilization's convivial accommodations, the brass foot rail. In the Member's Bar, a palpable tradition is quite simply the conversational spirit of the place; the camaraderie that spills toward you when you walk into the room and hear someone call your name or invite you to roll the dice for drinks and a game of chance called "Horse." (Named for the sound of dice clattering along the bar top?)

The Directors Room

This versatile room is excellent for mid-sized business meetings, luncheons and seated dinners. It may also provide additional seating for functions centered in the College Room.

The Terrace

Open from late April through early November, the Terrace has a spectacular view of the State Capitol. It offers a fun outdoor setting as an extension of the Reading Room.


Comfortably contained on the third floor, above the noise of the bar and pool tables, the Library and the "Slide" Kelly Entertainment Center are known for their artful fusion of wonderful, but rarely read book sets and gaming tables so worn that the felt is coming off. Here are played card games, poker and inter-club bridge games; very steeped in tradition. This is a quiet and intimate part of the clubs accommodations.

The Capitol Room

Acquiring its name from the view it provides, the Capitol Room was newly remodeled in 2005 and now accommodates members for parties or meetings. The natural sunlight and cheery atmosphere make this room a Club House favorite.

The Pool Room

The Pool Room sits adjacent to the Member's Bar and furnishes the setting to carry forward a tradition that has engaged members most weekdays since 1891 when the Club rented David Moffat's mansion at 14th and Curtis for it's temporary quarters.

Today's shooters play "300" pool, a quirky but captivating version of the traditional game. All their bending, stretching and careful sighting lead to the traditional Club pool tournament. This tournament is not an event-it's a process. True to the character of the place, it drags on all year.

Squash Courts and Squash Lounge

Built finally in 1962 and 1965 after efforts since 1915 for their construction, the squash courts bring a unique sense of architectural inconguity to the Club, as well as providing for inter-club sporting activities with the Denver Club for the Priester Cup.

The Squash Lounge has a self-serve beverage station with Gatorade and beer, as well as Sierra Springs water. You may also check your accuracy on darts. The U Club started an annual tournament in 2013, with Gary Smy holding our first title.

The Executive Fitness Center

Open for member usage during Club House hours
Free Weight System
Universal Body Workout Weight System
Recumbent Bike
Upright Bike
Stair Climber
Stretch Machine
Exercise Ball
Exercise Floor Mat
TV with cable access
Stereo system
Sierra Springs water at no charge