The College Room

In 1923, Denver's noted architect Temple Buell designed this marvelous room, once referred to by a Denver Post society editor as the "Great Baronial Hall."

At the Annual Meeting, when the air is filled with songs and seaweed, and you're anguishing over the slow passage of the steamed clams to your end of the table, look up for a moment at the collegiate seals in the great windows that line the room. They have presided over the wisdom and wit of the membership for nearly 100 years. The pedigree of the Club is in those stained glass windows.

When you join the noontime crowd at the long table, you're pulling up to a tradition that has provided opinions, speculations and gossip for over 75 years. You'll be sitting in another University Club College Room tradition, one of 100 or so oak chairs each bearing it's donor's name. If you seek to memorialize yourself in solid wood at some future date, these are available.